The Power of Active Faith

The Power of Active Faith

Our “FAITH” is only limited by our capacity to believe.

In our “Creator”

As well as “Ourselves.”

SJ White

Reward equals contribution:

If you have a job I’m pretty sure you have enough faith in that job to believe you’ll get paid for the work you do. Your reward will equal your contribution, no more, no less. If you want to earn more, you’re going to have to make yourself worth more. What I call, the learn more-earn more principle. The same goes for prayer, your reward for your prayer will equal the work you put into making that prayer come to fruition. Faith alone will not get the job done, and hope is not a plan.

Faith without deeds is dead:

Our Creator, (as to not offend anyone’s religious preference) will guide us, whisper ideas to us, throw in a few obstacles to teach us a thing or two, but He makes it clear that faith without deeds is dead. Other than a child waiting on Santa Claus, I believe we all get that. So, what is this thing we call faith and how can we help it along? One way it doesn’t work is for you and me to lie in bed and whisper our prayers to the ceiling without including a plan for making it all happen. It doesn’t have to be a perfect plan (if you wait for that you’ll never get started) but come up with something…

The plan:

Our creator is busy and I’m pretty sure He expects no less from us. That’s probably why we came fully equipped with a brain. A brain we can use to call on our Creator anytime we want, but we need to know exactly what it is we want and fill Him in on what the plan is to get it. Most people leave out the plan part. You see, there is no magic wand, our Creator works through us. How would we grow mentally, physically and spiritually if all we had to do all day was asks for what we wanted and it showed up? Those of you who have children, I’m sure you want to equip them for life so they may have it abundantly. You don’t want them standing around with their hand out. Ah, but you’re equipping yourselves, right? You’re working on your Attitude, you’re practicing “Going the Extra Mile.” You’re not praying with your hand out. Or, are you?

Proper Preparation:

Before we make the call, (the prayer) we should first get ourselves, or at least be in the process of getting ourselves, as prepared as possible to complete whatever tasks we are asking our Creator to help us with. Let’s be honest. Do you think He wants to work with some lazy good for nothing who expects everything handed to them? Would you? I don’t think so. Not if you’re in your right mind.

A winning combination:

By enthusiastically putting in the work to help fulfill your prayer request your faith begins to steamroll, and before you know it, you’re getting hunches about what you should do to make it all happen. Act on those hunches. Immediately! Somebody’s talking to you. Keep this in mind. The farmer plants the seed, but he doesn’t go back the very next day and harvest the crop. He lets nature do its thing while he continues to do his thing. If they work well together they produce one heck of a crop. If they don’t work well together? Well, I’m sure you get the idea. Belief, combined with a burning desire, backed up by action, is faith in the abilities of your Creator as well as faith in yourself. That my friends – is one winning combination. 

Active Faith Tips:  

  • When overtaken by defeat, (you will be tested) remember, mans’ faith must pass the test before he is crowned with victory. Accept defeat as nothing more than a challenge to keep on trying, and a lesson to remember.

Every once in a while, drop to your knees and just say – THANK YOU.

SJ White 

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