Bicycle Bandit:Ride to Redemption Bio

This Bandit ends up with something a lot more valuable than money.

By SJ White


My sole purpose for writing this story is to help guard our most precious resource, children. Every once in a while we all need someone to remind us just how precious they are.

Bicycle Bandit: Ride  to Redemption: 

Who we are and how we become who we are, as well as how we can change who we are if need be, is the staple of Bicycle Bandit: Ride to Redemption. An original creative nonfiction tale that reads like fiction. A quest narrative that delivers. A story, bigger than its contents. The bank robber in this one ends up with something a lot more valuable than money.     

Bandit Aftermath:

“There is no sleep the night before I go home. It’s not only the excitement of becoming a free man after seven years and ten months in prison that keeps me awake. It’s what happens next. I’ve lost everything. All I have material wise are folders on personal growth, certificates of achievement, (lots of those) a Bible, the clothes on my back, and $20.70. All I keep thinking is, “I hope I get a second chance.” Although there is never a bad day to get out of jail, there is something special about getting out in the spring. A time of year when all the things you missed are back. Sunshine, flowers, greenery, short sleeves, and warm weather. A new beginning for a lot of things. As we pull off the parking lot of the Allenwood Federal Prison, there is no looking back. No way will I let the past dictate my future. This new beginning is going to get all I have to give.”

Bandit legacy:

Bicycle Bicycle Bandit: Ride to Redemption, from childhood to adulthood and beyond, is a captivating story with a powerful underlying social message.  

SJ White

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