The Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family


This family’s journey of dysfunctional behavior can awaken the sleeping Giant within you. “Consciousness,” the light behind our stories.

The Awakening

The key to changing a dysfunctional thought pattern is recognizing where it originates. Vicious dogs are only vicious because of their past. If they can change, so can humans. Spiritually speaking, people who live by the uninvited thoughts in their head are awake physically, but mentally their following a mind conditioned by their life experiences, what we call the ego. That false sense of who we think we are. They blindly follow along unconsciously. Normal? Everybody does it. We believe we have thoughts, but the truth is, thoughts have us. Sometimes those thoughts lead to actions that take us places we don’t want to go, keep us longer than we want to stay, and cost us a lot more than we want to pay. Where do they come from? We wake up in the morning, and there they are. We didn’t ask for them. As the day goes on, more thoughts, there’s always more. Nonstop. No peace. So what do we do? We act on those thoughts unconsciously, either verbally or physically or maybe both, because we believe that’s all there is. The Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family makes it clear that’s not all there is.

SJ White

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