The Amazing benefits of “Going the extra mile”

The Amazing benefits of "Going the Extra Mile"

Developing the heart of a champion 

SJ White


The extra mile:

Still recuperating from my battle with cancer, I’m sitting in a Baltimore federal courthouse bullpen (there are no Baltimore Orioles relief pitchers in this bullpen) with a newly imposed 101-month federal sentence. I’d gone the extra mile alright, most of my life, in the wrong direction. Back in 1995, life didn’t look all that promising for SJ White, aka, “Bicycle Bandit.” That’s not the case today. 


You may not be sitting in a bullpen waiting for the feds to ship you to Timbuktu, but whatever situation in life you’re in, a commitment to go the extra mile can take you from ordinary to extraordinary. As long as you’re heading in the right direction. I know, because once I began going the extra mile in the right direction, opportunities to improve my situations in life (I think you’ll agree cancer and prison are situations) began to show their face. When there wasn’t an opportunity showing its face, the habit of going the extra mile had me create one of my own. Going the extra mile was the one thing I could do without asking permission. So I dove right in. Nothing short of amazing begins to happen after I make that decision. 

Cash in:

Once you acquire the habit of going the extra mile you’ll begin to enjoy what you’re doing instead of complaining about it. After all, it’s your decision, nobody is asking you to do it, nobody expects you to do it, and nobody, other than you, can make you do it. Now let’s keep it real. If everybody went the extra mile the world would certainly be a much better place to live, but you and I wouldn’t be able to cash in on this principle because of all the competition. Don’t worry, we will keep it real, that’s not going to happen. When you go the extra mile you take a seat in a classroom full of empty chairs.That makes you special. The kind of special people notice. Someone they would like to get to know.

The heart of a Champion: 

Professional athletes have to go the extra mile to make the big leagues. And, once they make it, they have to continue going the extra mile to stay there. No matter how talented they are. It’s no different for you and me. If we want to become successful at anything it’s going to take extra effort on our part. Extra effort means exactly what it says, doing something extra, something above and beyond what’s normally expected. It means doing what champions do to become champions. No way do I want to insinuate you have to run around like a chicken with your head cut off. I’m talking about creating a smooth consistent pattern of mind body energy that fuels the heart of champions. Let’s see how nature fuels her heart. We already know she’s a champion.

Going the extra mile with Nature:

Examples of how nature works are all around us. An apple tree doesn’t produce just one apple, and it certainly doesn’t rain just one raindrop. I believe nothing pleases our Creator more than seeing his children going the extra mile. Everything in nature goes the extra mile. Imagine what would happen to a Lion in the jungle if that Lion decided it didn’t want to go the extra mile anymore? It would starve. Nature is as nature does and there are no exceptions. All you have to do is look around you. Come spring, the flowers won’t try to bloom, they’ll bloom, and so do we when we align ourselves with the laws of nature. Anyone who doesn’t believe they’re a part of nature should check back with the hospital where they were born. Even if they were hatched, they’re still a part of nature.

Reap what you sow:

Keep in mind this principle is not all about what you do for yourself, it’s about what you do for others. In other words, you reap what you sow, what goes around comes around. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander. As they say in the eastern religions, every action generates a force of energy that returns to us in like kind. They believe karma is nothing more than an echo from the past. I know from personal experience how true that can be. I’ve known a lot of people who were important in the world I grew up in; lots of cash, lots of influence, and lots of power earned by injecting fear into the hearts of business associates. To a young kid such as myself, they appeared invincible but time has a way of separating the important from the unimportant, and time has taught me that no one is invincible. We may be able to avoid man’s laws for a while, sometimes for quite a while, but the laws of nature are unavoidable. When you have something like that on your side, the only person who can stop you, is you. 

Balancing the books:

If you don’t think nature has a book on you, you are fooling yourself. When we develop the habit of going the extra mile, which means we do more than we are paid to do, and we do it with a pleasing personality, nature welcomes us to plant whatever idea, plan we want to plant, in its fertile ground of pure potentiality. Whatever it is we plant will bear more than one piece of fruit. By cooperating with nature we join forces with a power that has our best interest at heart. 

Natures no fool:

There may be times when people you know (let’s hope not) may begin to feel shown up by you for not going the extra mile themselves. Generally speaking, people don’t adjust well to change. They’ll want you to go back to your old habits so they won’t feel so bad about themselves. When they don’t see any immediate benefits in your new approach to life they’ll use that to try and make you go back to the old you. Forget that! They don’t understand things take time. Nobody can go the extra mile for a short period of time and expect tremendous rewards. Nature is no fool. You don’t plant the crop and go back the next day to harvest it. You’ve got to tend to it, nurture it, and that takes time, but when that crop comes in, you get back a lot more than you ever gave out. You don’t outsmart nature, you adjust.  

The laws of nature:

If you never do anything else other than getting yourself in the habit of going the extra mile you’ll discover the greatest thing any person could ever do for themselves, as well as the people they love, and society in general. The laws of nature are not complicated, you can learn their nature, adjust to that nature, and benefit by them. Or, you can ignore them and pay the price for your neglect. During my time on this planet, I’ve witnessed nature do it’s human behavior thing time and time again. I even experienced its wrath a few times myself and I’ve never seen anything with a bigger payback than going the extra mile. It’s especially enjoyable when you’re heading in the right direction. I highly recommend it. 

“Going the extra mile benefit reminders:

  • Becoming a constant challenge to yourself ignites personal initiative, shoots holes in procrastination, and leads to a positive mental attitude.
  • Brings you to the attention of those who are in a position to provide new opportunities.
  • Leads to mental growth and greater ability in one’s chosen profession.
  • Develops a sense of purpose.
  • Attracts others to go the extra mile
  • Eliminates fear, doubt, and discouragement.
  • A habit that keeps one continuously seeking new and more efficient ways of going the extra mile.
  • Extra-milers are can-do people as opposed to no-can-do people.
  • Produces champions

Don’t think in terms of what you can take from the world, think in terms of what you can give. 

SJ White

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