SJ White

As a long-time student and practitioner of self-leadership and spirituality, SJ White offers us a chance to obtain effortlessly years of knowledge he has acquired through great difficulty. When we lose ourselves in the “doings” of life, neglecting the “being” dimension of who we are, not hard to do for the average person, the signs are stress, anxiety, and negativity. SJ wants to help relieve us from all the unnecessary anguish we put ourselves through by showing us how to stay self-aware while we are busy “doing.” He is an author dedicated to making you feel good about life and yourself by showing you how to live in the NOW productively. Instead of resisting the isness of the moment, causing yourself needless suffering, you surrender. Total acceptance! You may not like the moment you are in at times, but it isn’t changing, no matter how stressed out you become. It is what it is. So why not learn how to cope without suffering? This author’s work is a great tool for those interested in finding the peace that surpasses all understanding, what he calls “living the balanced life.” The one you were intended to live. Part human, part being.


“Your Ultimate Purpose” and “Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family,” available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Nobel

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