SJ White

SJ White is an author dedicated to making you feel good about life and yourself. A long-time student and practitioner of combing self-leadership and spiritual skills in our daily lives, SJ writes stories that make us feel good about living in our moment, teaching us how to accept our NOW instead of resisting the isness of what is and complaining to the universe, “this shouldn’t be,” stressing ourselves out. When we lose ourselves in the “doings” of life, no longer rooted in “being,” the signs are stress, anxiety, and negativity. SJ wants to give us some relief from all of that by showing us how, through entertaining accounts, to stay self-aware while we are “doing.” Sharpen our people skills. Open up our spirits. Put a smile on our faces.


“Your Ultimate Purpose” and “Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family,” available on Amazon, Apple, Kobo, Barnes & Nobel

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