SJ White

Samuel Joseph (SJ) White is a spiritual-based writer with no specific religious affiliation. Born a bastard child at the Salvation Army hospital in Charleston, West Virginia, he struggles with his sense of identity throughout his turbulent life until, under the direst circumstances one could imagine, a spiritual awakening occurs. There are no awards to mark the occasion, no trophy, no special degree, no sign of what is yet to come from this experience. Nothing on the surface of life to indicate this man who can only type five words a minute at the time of his awakening, three misspelled, would become a blessed vessel for the spiritual knowledge he expresses in his writings today. SJ White, a man who has lived a diversified life, delivers meaningful, entertaining, insightful stories that speak to the spirit while entertaining the person. When readers finish reading anything this author writes, they will know the inspiration to write it did not come from the mind alone. If thrilling adventures with a deeper meaning are your preference, SJ needs to be on your list of authors to read.




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