Purpose: an intention or objective. Something created for which something exists. Stands out—human beings, nothing stands out more than those rascals. They can leave a mark long after they’re gone. And why so many different versions, and what’s with all the colors and various languages and personalities? And the challenges. Are they necessary? One darn thing after another. What is the purpose of all of that? What gives? There must be one. Otherwise, why would God bother putting this ball of confusion together? The human complaining alone is enough to call the whole thing off. The animals are fine with the situation; it’s the human beings causing all the problems, fouling up the planet, lost in their mind made sense of selves. The story of our Ultimate Purpose is a two-parter weaved into one common sense journey approach to living a balanced life, part human, part being, in the world but not of the world.

We all have a purpose for every stage of our life, and they’re different for each of us depending on our God-given abilities and how well we develop them, but there is only one Ultimate Purpose for everyone. Basic instructions before leaving earth are to find out what that is and finish out our tenure here with that in the background for all we do. Why are people skills combined with the spiritual info in this one? If you are not living with gorillas, full time, in the lowland tropical rainforest of Central Africa, and I assume you’re not, you’re going to need people skills. Here on the rock, they’re no luxury. They’re a necessity. Practicing a common-sense approach to working with people is never a bad idea, especially for those who want to make the most of life. That be you. Once we fully understand and fulfill our Ultimate Purpose, we will need those skills for what’s next, and there is always a “what’s next” here on earth until there is nothing next. Wait until you see who is waiting for you at the end of this story. 

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