“Your Ultimate Purpose” 

Enlighten yourself to:

—Discover your true purpose, your higher calling 

—Free yourself from compulsive thinking

—Empower your prayers

—Fine-tune your relationship skills

 —Develop a reliable self-discipline plan

—Stay tuned in to the law of attraction

By no choice of our own, a higher intelligence in the space between our thoughts knows what action we need to take when there is no time to think, frequently increasing our strength tenfold in extreme cases; I’m sure you’ve heard of such stories. Volunteering for dangerous activities will take us to that place of no thought; driving a racecar two hundred miles an hour, skydiving, climbing Mount Everest, meditation. Those things are fine if you enjoy them, but you don’t need them to connect with the deeper dimension of who you are; besides, the space of no thought in these cases is only active while the participants are in action. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could have the power of that dimension of spaciousness in the background of our lives all the time? The alertness, the creativity, the manifestations. Well, you can. “Your Ultimate Purpose” is your friendly guide to what Jesus, Buddha, and many other spiritual teachers have called the abundant life or the fullness of life.  

Don’t spend your time on earth trying to fit in when you’ve been designed to stand out. “Your Ultimate Purpose” is the most down-to-earth, truly inspired book you’ll ever read, don’t wait; purchase your copy today.  


Available on Amazon https://amzn.to/3rUwD6P and books2read. https://books2read.com/u/bzZGML

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