Your mind can only hold one thought at a time.

 Make it a positive one!

What is self-leadership and who needs it?

Self-leadership training teaches us how to take control of our lives: mentally, physically, and spiritually. Learn to be liked and you’ll do well in whatever you choose.        

Grin and Bear it

Grin and Bear it Let’s fight Covid-19 with what we have. Each other! SJ White Amid this COVID-19 pandemic, it may seem harsh to tell

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The Art of Listening

The Art of Listening Talking is sharing, listening is caring SJ White Mr. and Mrs. know it all:               

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Conquering Self-Discipline

Conquering Self-Discipline The power of thought is the only thing we have complete control of. Let’s not waste it…  SJ White Out of Control: At

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Living a Purposeful life

Living a Purposeful life Everyone has a major purpose, a special gift or talent to share with others. Do you know what your major purpose

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The Power of Active Faith

The Power of Active Faith Our “FAITH” is only limited by our capacity to believe. In our “Creator” As well as “Ourselves.” SJ White Reward

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Attitude Check-up

Attitude Checkup Make sure you’re not suffering from Attitude-itis SJ White Building the foundation: Of all the things I’ve learned concerning self-leadership – building a

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