The Purpose

The purpose

Never underestimate the minds ability to reject useful knowledge

By SJ White

I didn’t know what I wanted to be growing up. If somebody asks me what I was going to be when I got big – I’d shrug my shoulders and give em one of those “I dun no’s.” “Ah, something will come along, ha, ha, ha,” was the usual belly-laugh adult response. Well, nothing came along until I was forty-eight years old – behind bars in federal prison. Even though my mother constantly insisted, (from the tender age of five until her bastard son (me) left home) I was too dumb to turn a doorknob and would never amount to anything, I still couldn’t blame her, or anybody else, for me not having a purpose for my own life. You can’t even ask our Creator to help you if you don’t know what it is you want. With eight years of prison in front of me, I found my immediate purpose. Never return to prison. And, I wasn’t talking about becoming a smarter criminal, I was talking about finding a way out of this forty-eight-year-old coma I’d been in.

I knew that if I was going to pull this off I would have to find a way to rebuild my life – totally. Like it or not, I would have to learn new things – a lot of new things. So, I came up with a plan. Since I could only type five words a minute, with three misspelled, the first order of business was to learn how to type. Not easy to accomplish behind bars, and neither was anything else I went on to accomplish during that time. Self-reliance on my own rehabilitation became my personal initiative along with the self-discipline I needed to get the job done. Enthusiasm built after every little accomplishment, and procrastination, no room for him in my life. When I got to a spot where my plan didn’t seem to be working any longer, I changed plans. My mind became a constant prayer. Not asking for free stuff or to go home, just the wisdom to recognize an opportunity. 

I no longer measured my future by my past, as I had so often done. I put those degrading years of behavior towards me by my mother out of my mind. And, with good reason. While teaching myself how to type I discovered I had dyslexia. Once I figured out how to work around my disability, things got a lot easier for me to learn. I wasn’t so dumb after all. There was no longer any place in my life for negative thoughts. After a while, my purpose of never returning to prison began to lead me in a completely different direction, a direction that turned out to be a total surprise. And, when it came into focus all I could say to myself was, “Where have you been all my life?” I had one of those moments I never want anyone else to have, (if I can help it) when I thought to myself, “Wish I had known what I know now twenty years ago.

If you happen to be saying to yourself, “Self, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m fifty. I don’t know my purpose; I’m not even sure I even have one.” Listen carefully, I had no idea what I could accomplish until I started out with the simple purpose of not coming back to prison. Here’s what I’m saying, even if you don’t have a purpose at the moment, make your purpose to improve your people skills. (No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business) Start working on your attitude, self-image, going the extra mile, becoming a better listener, so on and so on. Read books, watch videos on personal growth, and of course read SJ White blogs. Even if you’re already strong in those areas, working on them will make them great. If you take this approach, I guarantee you, (speaking from personal experience) that purpose you never thought you had, will come into view and before you know it you’ll be saying, “Where have you been all my life?”  Don’t wait twenty years to learn what I’m telling you now. Heed the warning and save yourself a lot of regrets. When we continually work at becoming better human-beings, mentally, physically, and spiritually, (takes all three) good things happen. Like gravity, it’s the law, and I’m not talking about man’s law.

If you’re thinking there is a lot of mystery in between the lines of the blogs I write, you’d be right. I don’t always know why these principles do what they do, I only know they do. Imagine this, if these principles can take a kid whose mother constantly told him he was too dumb to turn a doorknob and would never amount to anything, a kid who becomes a grown man who can only type five words a minute and believes crime is the answer to all his problems, and turn that kid into a man of integrity who wrote a book and went on to design and build a website where he post the messages of that book, just imagine what they can do for you. Most of you are a lot smarter than I am or ever will be, so what are you waiting for? There is a world of imagination inside of you that will wither and die if you don’t reach in and pull it out. Check out the bullet points below:


Copy and paste these bullet points, memorize them, embed them in your subconscious mind. Support them with faith backed up by action, and watch the magic appear. 

  • If you’re not sure what your purpose is, start by working on your interpersonal relationship skills.
  • Don’t measure your future by your past.
  • Stay positive. Negative thoughts cannot live in a positive mind – you’ll free yourself from doubt and discouragement when you stay positive.
  • Get your emotions personally involved in whatever you’re trying to accomplish. Emotions are not always subject to reason but they are subject to action and if you’re going to get anything done it’s going to take a lot of action, action, action.
  • If you come up with a purpose you can accomplish in one day, it’s not much of a purpose. Aim high.
  • Once you find your purpose, keep your mind focused on it at all times. What I call – opportunity watch. When you remain focused and active in your pursuit, the physical and material ingredients of your purpose will show up. Like gravity, it’s the law.
  • If your plan is not working, get another one. Things change, you have to be willing to change with them.
  • Like “Going the Extra Mile,” having a purpose attracts the favorable attention of others. Some of those others can help you attain your purpose.
  • What do I do after I reach my purpose? You ask. Get another one.
  • If you don’t bother to find a purpose for your life – life will find one for you, and it won’t be the one your Creator intended. You can rest assured of that. Other people may be responsible to you, but you, my friend, are responsible for you.

Warning: Those who never take the first step, never take the second one! 

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SJ White

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  1. “The Purpose” is a superb read.
    Great guidelines to follow.

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