Living a Purposeful life

Living a Purposeful life

Fulfilling our purpose is the purpose. 

SJ White

Life without Purpose:

I didn’t know what I wanted to be growing up. If somebody asks me what I was going to be when I got big – I’d shrug my shoulders and give em one of those “I dun no’s.” Ah, something will come along was the usual belly-laugh adult response. Well, nothing came along until I was forty-eight years old behind bars in federal prison. Bear with me.


Even though, as a child, my mother constantly told me I was too dumb to turn a doorknob and would never amount to anything, I still couldn’t blame her, or anybody else, for not having a purpose for my own life. You can’t even ask God to help you if you don’t know what it is you want. With eight years of prison in front of me, I found my first purpose. Never return to prison. I’m not talking about becoming a smarter criminal, I’m talking about becoming a smarter person.

A plan with a purpose:

I know that if I’m going to pull this off I will have to rebuild my life from the ground up. Learn new things – a lot of new things. So, I come up with a plan. Since I can only type five words a minute, with three misspelled, my first order of business is to solve that problem and go from there. Self-reliance on my own rehabilitation ignites my personal initiative along with the self-discipline I need to get the job done. Enthusiasm builds after every little accomplishment, and procrastination, no room for him in my life. When I get to a spot where my plan is no longer working, I change plans. My mind is a constant prayer. Not asking for free stuff or to go home – I pray for wisdom. The rest of the story? “The Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family.”


The future:

Today, I no longer measure my future by my past, as I had so often done. I put those degrading years of behavior towards me by my mother out of my mind. And, with good reason. While teaching myself how to type I discover I have dyslexia. Once I figure out how to work around my disability, things become a lot easier to learn. A whole lot easier! My mother was wrong. I’m not so dumb after all. There is no longer any place in my life for negative thoughts. My mothers, mine, or anybody else’s. My purpose of never returning to prison turned out to be a miracle in disguise. There is a miracle waiting for you as well…

Still don’t know what you want to be:

If you happen to be saying to yourself, “Self, I still don’t know what I want to be when I grow up, and I’m fifty. I don’t know my purpose; I’m not sure I have one.” Stay with me, your purpose is just around the corner. 

Finding your Purpose:

The first step is to start working on your people skills. (No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the people business) Your attitude, self-image, going the extra mile, becoming a better listener, so on and so on. Read books, watch videos on personal growth, and of course read SJ blogs and watch SJ videos as well. (lol) Even if you’re already strong in these areas, working on them will make them even better. What you’re doing is preparing yourself for the next step, (make sure you spend a few weeks on the first one) and here it is. A few weeks after you’ve begun your personal-growth journey find yourself a quiet spot, a garden, seaside, your bed, wherever you can find solitude; close your eyes, take four or five slow deep breaths, and once you are completely calm, visualize you have all the money and all the time in the world, and ask yourself, how can I help, how can I serve, and how can I use what I do best to do it. What would you do with all that money and all that time? Your purpose lies in your answer. Now, the time has come to get more involved, more dedicated than ever, in doing what you do best. 

Getting the mind right:

Even though another purpose may evolve as you go along, (usually does, as the original one takes on a mind of its own) this is where it all begins. Take this approach and I guarantee, (speaking from personal experience) that purpose you never thought you had, will show up. And, when it does, all those personal growth skills you’ve been working on in step one, will come in handy. You see, before we can make anything positive happen in our lives, we have to first get our mind right. Practice visualizing your purpose several times a day. In the morning, and definitely, before you fall asleep at night. When you’re at work, tilt your head back for a second or two, close your eyes, drown out the noise, and picture your purpose. Continue working on your personal growth skills and follow up on your vision. It’s talking to you, make sure you listen. You will begin to form ideas you never thought of before, act on them. Immediately! You’ll find the more ideas you put into play, the more ideas you’ll come up with to put into play. 

Believe in YOU:

Once a man in prison who could only type five words a minute, with three misspelled, I’ve written a book, designed and built my website, taught myself how to make YouTube videos and edit them, etc… I don’t tell you this to come off as some braggadocious loudmouth who needs to make himself feel important, I tell you these things because I want to remind you of the potential that lies within each one of God’s creations. We all have a purpose, and that includes you…

Fuel your Purpose:

Embed these friendly reminders in your subconscious mind. Support them with faith backed up by action

  • If you’re not sure what your purpose is, start by working on your interpersonal relationship skills. Get a few weeks of that under your belt and then proceed to step two.
  • Don’t measure your future by your past.
  • Stay positive. Nothing good happens when you’re in a negative state of mind.
  • Get your emotions involved in your vision.
  • Aim high.
  • Once you find your purpose, develop a plan and keep your mind focused on it at all times. What I call – opportunity watch. 
  • If your plan is not working, get another one. If you’re stuck, pray for guidance. It never fails to show up.
  • Like “Going the Extra Mile,” having a purpose attracts the favorable attention of others. Including, our Creator.
  • What do I do after I reach my purpose? You ask. Get another one. They keep getting better.
  • If you don’t bother to find a purpose for your life you’ve missed the whole point of being here. Our purpose makes the wear and tear of living well worth it.  

Purpose Warning:Those who never take the first step, never take the second! 

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     SJ White    

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