Misadventures of a Dysfunctional Family



His dream seemed so close he could grasp it. His prayer was that it was not already behind him.

We don’t get to choose the circumstance in which we are born. Inheriting parents who are not dysfunctional is a real blessing. One helps; having none can be disastrous. Many people fall into the disastrous category where neither parent they have, to no fault of the parent, knows how to raise a child properly. So the child grows up with dysfunctional mind patterns they don’t realize they have been living and passing on until something bad happens to them and they wake up.    

Dysfunctional conditioning, like any other, is passed on from generation to generation by previously conditioned minds. Unfortunately, many children raised by ignorant people of this nature end up on the evening news in handcuffs. That’s no dream for them, their naive parents, or their victims. Like the shootings we see on the news every night, that’s a nightmare that doesn’t have to be, and this story tells us why.


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