So much needless suffering in the form of worry, anxiety, and stress. The past? What we did or should have done. Or worse, what someone did to us. No peace for any length of time. The future? Can’t wait. Got to be better than this. 

Trapped in our conditioned mind and unaware that we are is not our Ultimate Purpose. 

Waking up is.

Becoming a balanced human being is.

Connecting with the essence of who we are. Is! 

Let us put a little common sense into the mix. Balance our lives. Be in the world but not of it. Become self-aware and know what that means.

If we don’t learn how to separate ourselves from the mind, we will be controlled by the world.  

For the human side of life, we have self-leadership chapters specially designed for this book. These gems serve as a guide to working with people. 

For the “Being” side of life: We become a mixture of thought and spaciousness. Balanced. Masters of our mind and all it has learned—a light in a world of darkness. Aware of who we are in our true essence.

Discovering the “Being that you are.” The “I” that gives rise to your thoughts is the most important thing you can ever do. Your Ultimate Purpose! 

Combine that awareness with self-leadership skills, and you are on your way to living your best life ever.  

“Your Ultimate Purpose” shows you how to make that happen. It’s a fun read full of good stuff. 







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